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Where Dreams Come True Theme Park

The kids are in a frenzy of excitement, this is the ultimate in theme parks and they can’t wait to take it all in.  What to pack?  Something comfy, kid-friendly and  rollercoaster worthy.  A bright pair of cropped pants and a long pair of jeanshorts are a good start.  Don’t forget good walking shoes and a fun way to keep your hair out of your way.  I hope it’s the vacation of a lifetime!

Striped top 99 DKK –

Wallis summer shirt $47 –

J.Crew cropped capri pants $40 –

Dorothy Perkins denim short shorts $39 –

Wallis polka dot shoes $39 –

Flat thong sandals $8.99 –

People Tree summer handbag £18 –

Retro jewelry $10 –

A Wear tan belt £3 –


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