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While You’re Waiting

I still need to finish up a few spots before I can get some great pictures of the trim.  And I won’t play elevator music while I keep you waiting.  Instead, I’ll show you a little house project I did a few weeks ago.

This is an old dresser that I bought in our old house to be a dresser.  It was originally all a dark veneer finish and it has a lovely mirror that can sit on the top.  I wish I had some before pictures….

In our new home, it just wasn’t working anywhere as a dresser and ended up becoming a buffet in my dining room.  I took off the top mirror and loaded it up with linens and silverware and such.  And simply threw it in the room with the paint color that matched my old bedroom decor.

Mustard Colored Before

Mustard Colored Before (Sorry this one’s blurry)

And that color had been bothering me ever since.  It needed updating but I wasn’t sure what paint color I wanted it to be.  Since I have an assortment of paint, I just began experimenting.  Here it is during the process-

Hate That Old "Country" Blue

Hate That Old “Country” Blue

And here is the result!  I am very happy with how it turned out.  Now I don’t pass by it and cringe.



I was trying to decide on the pulls and I ended up leaving them this old tarnished brass.

Just a small update to keep you inspired.  Now I’ll turn on some Kenny G.  😉


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