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Wild West

Blame it all on my roots, I have fallen in love with the west. Again.

While the early 90s had some wildly ;) popular cowboy fashion, it also emerged again in the early 2000s. It's back again and I know why. I innocently started watching the TV series, Yellowstone with the Mr. about a month ago. And let me tell you, it made me homesick immediately.

Honey, I grew up with men in Carhartt jackets and western cut suits. Nearly everyone wore boots. I am from big sky country and while the show is total fiction, there are elements of the lawlessness that I feel the west still has. And just like the show, ranchers like farmers care so much about their land. Many families, just like the Duttons, are concerned with how to keep their land in the family.

And so the scenery, the story, the music and guess what, the fashion has made me fall all in love, all over again with the west.

Apparently, I am not the only one who is in love with this show. ;) I expect a giant surge in western fashion, particularly of a vintage nature. There is something so HOMEY about these things. They immediately send me back to my childhood. While I don't dress in my cowboy hat every day, there are pieces that meld beautifully with the Boho vibe. It's definitely easy wear. Think 1985 Dallas, the TV show, or Urban Cowboy, the movie. Or even this old Stetson early 90s commercial- am I the only one who remembers these things?

Be on the look out for any of the following:

Western cut jackets,

Lined flannel jackets,

Canvas jackets,

Pearl button shirts,

Aztec prints,

Neck scarves,

Tribal prints,

Fleece jackets,

Tooled leather,

Felt hats

Big collars & Boxy cuts

And your typical fall items:


Suede & Leather



Denim & Plaids

You can say you saw here first.

And please, no spoilers! I'm only through season 2!


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