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Wintry Mix

It's December and winter is upon us! I have a little wintry mix for you. This series of looks are a bit more dramatic than your everyday looks. Perfect to use them for the holidays or any time you want to add some fun to your outfits! First up, a monotone outfit. It isn't 1950 and we don't usually wear all the same color. But once in a while, when worn with some fun accessory pops, it can create some drama. I see you shaking your head, but I promise you, you have probably worn head to toe black before. (You know you have.) Just break free from the only black!

I started with winter cream corduroys. My cream, thermal top has a colorful pattern that feels very wintry. For some added warmth, I threw on my crochet cardigan. I love this little cardigan because it has such a fun back. (See below.)

I have broken up my all cream color with a statement maker belt and some fun little sherpa booties.

For accessories, pearls, of course!

I hope you can be brave and give a monotone outfit a try!


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