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Workout Blahs

January is here and I know many of you made new year’s resolutions to lose weight.  I think that’s been on a resolution since my oldest was born.  This year I just didn’t go there. So I know this doesn’t have much to do with fashion, other than fitting into the clothes that you own…  But, I have to admit, I’m hitting a wall with my workouts.  I’ve done my own workout videos for two years straight, five days a week at home.  And I just need something fresh. While I did run once a week this past year and I sincerely enjoyed getting back to running again, I am having some strange hip pain and I’m a little hesitant to keep running on it.  It’s just a sign that this body is getting old, I guess. Which leaves me wondering…what fun exercise activities have you found? Secretly I was hoping I could try out an incline trainer sometime.  Do any of you have one?  Or tried them?  What do you think? What are your cures for the workout blahs?


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