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Yellowstone, The Style Continues

I'm addicted. I admit it. Not only to the show, but also to the fashion. Who doesn't love cowboy hats and boots?

So it's time for a little western inspo photo shoot of my own. And there has never been a better time to do it. It's harvest time and the colors are so gorgeous. I love how the sun hits the corn or the beans just right and they absolute glow. Sit back and enjoy fields of gold.

In these next posts I will teach you how to dress in some western inspired style without joining the rodeo. Western fashion is easy to wear, comfortable and trendy this fall. Gee, I wonder why...

Here's an outfit that I bet most of you have at least some of the pieces for in your closet right now. Jeans, thermal top? Check. Vest? Check. Check. Bonus points for a fuzzy vest, animal print vest or other cuddly item. Pretty much any fabric that could also be thrown down in front of a fire and used as a rug. Think-

What makes this outfit a little more western is the print on the sleeve of my thermal. You can find tops like this at Amazon or your local boutique. I am giving you fair warning that this year, I may overload you with Aztec print. Learn to love it!

So, I gotta know, who's your favorite character? Clearly I love them all but Rip has a special place in my heart.

Stop back all week for more western fashion fun!


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