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You’re My Girl, Jen-nay

Today’s wedding theme is bohemian.  Think Jenny from Forrest Gump.  She wants to get married barefoot, at the family home with a select few family and friends there to witness the event. What kind of dress does this occasion call for?  One with a homemade feel- lace and cap-sleeves with just a puddle train at your feet.  How about those barefoot sandals?  I think they’re adorable.  And for those of us with a touch of gypsy in them, they’ll make you feel like you on your wedding day. For accessories?  A beautiful headpiece over a fine layer of tulle.  And don’t forget the garden flowers.  This little nosegay of peonies is casual but showy all at the same time. Hopefully you are meeting someone just as sweet and devoted as Forrest down the aisle.  Tell me who doesn’t want to be “someone’s girl?”

Phase Eight short sleeve dress $820 –


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