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Images by © Wild Soul Weddings © 2020 Style from the Sticks

I know we all own puffer coats. And they are great when you're a busy mom- going to games, running errands, building snowmen. :)

But sometimes us moms get to be ladies and having a grown up coat in your closet is a must.

It doesn't have to be so dressy that you'll never wear it. Find something that's comfortable and stylish. This is one of my favorite coats. The shaping on this coat is beyond the Walmart special. It has princess seams and a flouncy little bottom. And I love that it's white (my favorite color) with these big black buttons that pop.

I don't wear this coat every day (because white). But I do love to wear it. Typically I'll wear it to church or a special event but lately I've been wearing it more because like those china dishes you never use, it shouldn't sit in the closet waiting for something special.

I paired this coat with my floppy boho hat, my Hunter boots, a cream sweater and, have you noticed my pants haven't changed at all? #versatile

Tell me, do you own a grown up coat?

You all know how I feel about black. =least favorite color

But some times, black is necessary. Just please, please don't use it as a cop out. If you're going to wear black, do it because you look great in it or it's your favorite color. Or you absolutely kill it in that dress.

Wear it with intention. OK? Thank you.

Now, the days where I wear black, I try to pair it with something lighter because I do not look so great in black. Here I've paired my black with a grey leopard spot sweater.


A vintage hat. Because hats and winter go together like snow and hot chocolate. And I'm a hat person. I love to wear them. I think most people underrate how much fun (and of course warm) a hat can be!

You too can be a hat person!

Today's outfit is for the brave. I don't wear much red but when I really want to wear it, I wear it loud.

This year, I am really in love with ear muffs. Not only are they a fun accessory option but I absolutely hate it when the wind blows in my ears. I have really sensitive ears and will pull up my collar or cover my ears with my hands if I've forgotten a hat. I've learned to take my ear muffs with me everywhere. #thisis40

If you've enjoyed the fluffy, fuzzy jackets, I have too. This one is a super red. A paint the town red. There's something I enjoy about bright colors. I'm typically dressed in light neutrals and once in awhile, you gotta just plunge into something electric.

I kept the rest of my outfit pretty tame, striped shirt, my Hunter boots (which are a great snow option, especially when it's up to your knees), my same black fleece leggings and a few more funky accessories- sunglasses and some fluffy mittens.

Do you dare wear something so outrageous?

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