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2014 Fall Trends- Sporty

I write this post with hesitancy.  I’m afraid that some of you will take this as a free pass to live in activewear.  I understand the allure of yoga pants and leggings, tshirts and tennis shoes. But unless you are headed to or from the gym, or are taking the kids for a sporty outing, living in athletic gear is just another example of the sloppiness of our society.

We have gone from Donna Reed raising kids and vacuuming in a dress and heels to pajamas in the pickup line at school.  If you’re a mom, I completely understand the need to feel comfortable.  I’m not asking that we all become Donna Reed.  But can we have a little self respect?

I have days that I’m throwing something on to just cover my body and get out the door.  It happens.  I will try not to add to the judgment that we mothers face.  But I know this, when I feel best about me, it isn’t those mornings.  I want you to feel good about what you have on and feel good about yourself!

Okay, that said.  Some of these looks are fun.  HERE IS THE KEY.  You cannot wear these looks like you would to the actual gym.  For example, in the outfit below, you will not find tennis shoes and a headband with ponytail.  If you have some really snazzy sporty wedges or a cute basketball jersey, don’t wear them with head to toe sporty looks.

Also, consider who is wearing the legging look.  Mostly under 30 year olds.  Can you pull off the legging look?  That’s your call.  But it isn’t something I would want my mother to be sporting.  Unless, of course, she was headed to the gym.

Zalando white v neck tee $15 –

Fox sportswear $16 –

NIKE jersey knit pants $47 –

Black slip on shoes

Ted Baker bow handbag

Topshop jewelry $23 –

Black round sunglasses


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