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2014 Fall Trends- Tons of Texture

Settle down, I know that these pieces don’t “match.”  It’s okay.   I did it on purpose.  And you can too!

Today’s fall fashion trend is tons of texture.  What exactly do I mean?  Well, it’s hard to explain in a photo but if you look carefully at the textures I’ve selected, you’ll see that this outfit contains the following:

1)      Boiled wool

2)      Satin

3)      Suede

4)      Felt

5)      Faux Leather

6)      Faux Brass

While this outfit doesn’t have a ton of pattern, it is something that you’ll want to reach out and touch.  I’ve seen lots of touchable textures this fall and the trend is to wear a bunch of them together.

And yes, I know that the skirt has black in it and that most of you would pick out some black boots to go with…but that’s what makes this outfit Bohemian chic.  The nonmatchy matchy is something you can explore too.  Start small, like in this outfit, with the footwear.  And incorporate another piece that has the same feel or color in it elsewhere for cohesion.

2014 Fall Trends- Tons of Texture by stylefromthesticks featuring a wool jacket

Gróa wool jacket $150 –

Pied a Terre skirt $38 –

Charles by Charles David suede boots

Topshop handbag

Sun hat

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