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25th Wedding Anniversary

I finally found it, the dress I’m going to wear for my sister’s 25th wedding anniversary celebration…

Tada!  It is from Dillard’s and is my most favoritest purchase of a recent girl’s weekend of shopping.  And I got it at a steal!  It needs a bit of sewing but I’m so excited about it!  She asked me to wear a long black dress.  She knows I’m not a big fan of black, but this dress I think I can wear to many different occasions, should I need a gown.  You may be seeing this again and again!  It had a few small issues.  It has a small rip on a strap in the back and it is missing some beads.  But these are all easy fixes and because of those issues I got an extra 10% off the final clearance price!  We are talking about less than $60 for a dress that was originally in the $150 price range.  Oh the sweetness of a good deal.  Now I hope that I can dance and enjoy the night with equal excitement!


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