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A New Low

Just because I’m a stay-at-home mom, write for this blog, etc. doesn’t mean I’m super mom.  Trust me.  There are lots of ugly moments.  We have our good days too.  But yesterday was not one of them.

I decided yesterday to take a few hours off.  I put my phone on the charger and headed upstairs to clean up a few major messes that have been staring at me all through VBS and vacations.  The kids were resting with their dad.  It was nice.  It was quiet.  And then I realized it was too quiet.

Upon a trip back downstairs I heard my phone go off and I stopped to check my messages.  It was then I realized that my boys had missed a friend’s birthday party.

Mother & Son

Mother & Son

Image via by David Castillo Dominici

Mom of the year.  This is what happens when I try to take a few minutes off of my phone and check out!  I immediately called the boy’s mother to explain that we had forgotten. And then I had to break the news to the boys.

They were not happy.  One cried.

What are you going to do in situations like this?  Well, first of all, I apologized.  It had been a very busy weekend with our town celebrations.  And I was looking forward to a day of resting and relaxing at home.  So I just didn’t check the calendar.  Super mom, I am not.

And then I tried to make things better.  We are spending the day with said neglected birthday boy in the hopes that our fun day will make up for the loss of the birthday party.

Oh, and the Mr. also took them golfing.  So all was forgotten very quickly.

And that’s the great thing about kids.  They are quick to forgive and forget.  Even when mom makes mistakes.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all were so willing to let the hurts of today go so quickly?

So just incase you are having a day like mine.  Remember that being a mom means things like this happen.  The Halloween costume gets forgotten for school.  Your child goes to picture day wearing a ratty old t-shirt.  You’re 30 minutes late for pick up at practice. That’s life for most of us moms at some point or another.

Thank goodness for grace.

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