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All Partied Out

How does one plan a birthday party for their child with 15 of their friends?  At Chuck-e-Cheese? Very carefully.

1)  You must have lots of help.  Don’t go alone.  You may not come back alive.

2)  Instead of the three vehicles I chose to enlist in the operation, perhaps renting a bus next time would accommodate above children/help.

3)  Be prepared for meltdowns, unexpected problems and tiredness.  And that comes from the children too.

4)  Thank goodness the people at Chuck-e-Cheese are a well-oiled machine.  So when your eyes are glazed over and you can no longer think beyond counting children’s heads, you simply nod and say, “Yes, we’d like Chucky to appear at one.”

5)  Go  home and sit in a daze.  But be thankful it’ll be months and months before another child has a birthday.

I hope to return to normal tomorrow!

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