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Back to Cool

It is that time of year again.  And everyone wants new clothes and fresh styles.  I picked up a book the other day (at Goodwill, where else?), it is about seven years old called Before You Put That On by Lloyd Boston, who has worked for the Today show, Oprah, etc. It is a calendar of ideas on how to build a wardrobe, what to wear, style secrets, etc.  I considered doing a little Julie & Julia action and try to go through the book for 365 days.  But I think I might lose many of you and my own voice on the way.  I am going to take some of his ideas and give you my thoughts.  And if I think they’ll be especially helpful, we’ll both win.  I will stick the best ideas on Sunday.  And we can call it, Sundays with Lloyd. Mr. Boston’s goal (and mine) for you this week is to pick a time to go through your closet.  The challenge- get rid of 10 items you no longer wear or need.  Check all of your summer clothing for rips, stains, holes, fading, yellowing or that simply do not fit.  If you’re really feeling up to it, start going through some winter items.  Now, here’s the key.  Make outfits.  If you can’t find a pair of pants to go with that shirt or a blouse for that skirt, write it down on an index card.  Make it specific.  What do you need that will make it complete. And when you are out back-to-“cool” shopping, you may find one or two on your list.  And if there just so happens to be a sale on something else that’s fabulous, you can pick that up too…


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