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Beauty Arsenal

“Just look at me Annelle.  It takes some effort to look like this.”

Remember that quote from Truvy in Steel Magnolias? Oh how it is true for an Oscar-worthy night out.  While the guys shower and shave and are good to go in under 15 minutes, it takes us girls considerably longer.  Why?  Here are a few reasons:

1)      Hair removal- well, let’s just say, at least we don’t have to shave our faces.  I mean, why were we born with hair anyway?  At this point, we all want thick, beautiful hair but only on top of our heads.  Removing it?  Time consuming!!

2)      Eyebrow shaping- while the boys may be sporting unibrows, we strategically shape ours.   Do you want the Marilyn Monroe or the Sophia Loren?  Can you imagine them putting themselves through plucking, ha!

3)      Teeth whitening- all that coffee and wine ends up somewhere else!  A few white strips later and you can undo at least yesterday’s damage.

4)      Self-tanner- winter whites are only popular in clothing.  I wish I had that beautiful Nicole Kidman porcelain skin that looks great pale white.  But I don’t.  So a great spray tan gets me through.

5)      Manicures and pedicures- now this is the fun part.  Break out your creative side!  These days nails are all about fun patterns.  Get a nail pen and do a few swirls.  Or cheat and buy the nail stickers…

Guys, these are all perfectly good reasons a night out is much more than a few minutes getting ready.  And I have not even mentioned the obvious, hair and makeup.  But isn’t the end result so worth it?  A night out feeling fabulous!

Sun care

Nail polish

Tweezerman tweezer



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