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Beauty Shop Saturday

I’m not a large beauty blogger.  Occasionally I stumble upon a product that I simply LOVE and think it is worth sharing.  And as most of you are pretty busy on the weekend, I decided I’m going to do a little post each Saturday devoted to a beauty product. Today’s product is Cover Girl’s new mascara, promoted by Taylor Swift, natural luxe water resistant mouse mascara (on sale at CVS Pharmacy for $8) which comes in very black, black and black/brown.  It is simply wonderful.

You can find it almost anywhere that sells Cover Girl products.  What I love about it is the way it feels.  I hate the way your traditional drugstore waterproof mascara feels.  The little black spikes on my eyelashes aren’t very comfy.  And sometimes you just feel better wearing waterproof mascara versus non.  This mascara is soft, and as I wore it to a funeral recently, also water resistant.  Plus, you can find it anywhere and it doesn’t break your bank account. It’s a three pointer!  I highly recommend this mascara.  It’s just a great every day mascara that doesn’t look invisible and feels comfortable.  Comment and tell me what your favorite mascaras are and why!


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