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Boot Camp

This week I’m still on a quest for colorful outfits.  Because now it’s May and guess what, the skies are still gray.  Happy May Day!

One area that isn’t hard to throw in color is in your workout clothes.  I think people are more likely to wear a bright shirt to the gym than they would to work.  The brightness of the shirts motivates you to put those clothes on and get your workout in.  Apparently no one feels the same way about work…

Gym clothes don’t have to be expensive.  When you really think about it, these are clothes that you are putting on knowing they will end up sweaty and stinky every day.  If you don’t have the money to buy The North Face and Under Armour brands, don’t sweat it (pun intended), you can still exercise!

This outfit was inspired by my boot camp class at my local YMCA.  They offer awesome classes that are perfect for me.  Since I am no longer twenty, I don’t want a workout that will leave me injured or burnt out after six weeks.  I am looking for long-term, lifelong wellness.  (Did I mention also that its very affordable? That’s a big plus too.)

Don’t get me wrong, the class I attend is intense.  But I also know my limits.  And my instructor is motivating and positive.  I’d like to leave the days of screaming coaches in my past, thank you very much.

What can you expect at boot camp?  Lots of movement-my heart rate goes higher than it does in my cycling class (although both are GREAT heart workouts).  And strength training, which I really appreciate.  Most girls don’t realize how important strength training is.  Keeping those muscles strong burns more calories than cardio, changes your body shape (read- less cellulite and fat) and keeps your bones strong (so we don’t end up all hunched over in our old age).

This time of year, I like to wear capris so I don’t overheat.  These are from Forever 21 which has really fun, inexpensive workout clothes in lots of great colors.  I also love a headband so I’m not constantly wiping away all of my sweat.  As far as shoes, any cross trainer will do.  If you want to wear running shoes, that’s fine too.

The point is, get those clothes on your body and show up.  You won’t regret it once you do.

Nike hoodie

Brooks running shoes


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