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Breaking All the Rules- Disney Vacation

My family decided to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with a Disney vacation.  We have never been to Disney. And I’m trying to imagine how I’ll pack. It isn’t easy as the weather could be cool and rainy or hot and sunny!  Not to mention we’ll be traveling through all different climates just to get there.

In my effort to pack for kid friendly activities, I’m breaking all of my own fashion rules!

Here are five of my own fashion faux pas!

1)  Leggings, leggings, leggings

Mainly I will taking leggings because I figure I can be comfortable in them hot or cold.  And lots of layers- sweatshirts, t-shirts and outfits that I would only wear when running around after kids in a theme park.

I’m basing my outfits on what shirts I have that are tunic length.  Let’s be honest, not too many of us moms should really ever have our backside showing in leggings.  Unless you are very, very confident…

2)  A backpack

I will take a backpack to the park.  But I just can’t quite sport one of my kids.  This fun little boho backpack outta do the trick.

3)  Mainly solid tees in a loose color family

I don’t anticipate many prints being packed while will make for some lackluster outfits.  This and being constrained to tunic length tees is leaving me with a loose color family.  But this is one destination that I feel I can make some exceptions.

4)  Sneakers and flip-flops

I will also wear mainly slip on tennies and flip-flops, something I wouldn’t do at home.  But I know we’ll be walking a ton and I need these feet to be comfortable!

5)  Very little accessories

And for my accessories, earrings are about the extent of what I will pack.  They are so small and hardly take up any room!

A few things that I couldn’t leave at home that might redeem an outfit- a scarf, a necklace and don’t forget the shades!

Next week, I’ll try to redeem myself by showing the different outfits one can create from this simple packing list!

Disney Vacation by stylefromthesticks featuring vneck shirts

Pink top $85 –

Three Dots long sleeve sweatshirt

Scotch Soda summer t shirt

American Eagle Outfitters navy blue top

Anna Field blue tee $20 –

H M vneck shirt $11 –

Levi s clothing $77 –

Mama licious clothing $51 –

Uniqlo stretchy pants

Uniqlo green cami

Fat Face black trousers $23 –

Skinny legging $23 –

Bensimon pearl shoes

NIKE navy flip flops

Billabong hippy bag

Betsey Johnson plastic post earrings

Lydell NYC pastel jewelry

Wallis blue pendant necklace

Blue jewelry $18 –

Facet jewelry $15 –

H M metal jewelry $6.13 –

Club Monaco circle scarve

With Love From CA aviator style sunglasses

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