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Broken Clocks

As soon as I get rid of something or throw something away, it seems I’ve stumbled across what I should have done with it.  Perhaps this is why I have the tendencies of a hoarder. So many ideas, so little time!

Case in point, old clocks.  I can’t tell you how many clocks I’ve picked up at yard sales or Goodwill or even brand new from Hobby Lobby that just don’t work.  The hands get bent, I can hear the clock ticking but the hands don’t move, the hands fall off inside, something is always going wrong with these cheap clocks.  And until now, they’ve made their way out of my home broken.

But recently, I’ve seen some really fun uses for broken clocks.  These ideas may seem obvious to most of you, but they are new concepts to me.

Here are some uses for old clocks and at the bottom I will share a project I did-

1)  Use the old face as a table top or take off the face and get a new mechanism for a new flat face clock

2) Old faces as Christmas ornaments

3)  Use a broken clock that will still let you move the hands for one of those walls that says the moment of your baby’s birth

4) Collect a bunch and make a statement wall or put all above a mantel

5) Use large, old hands for a new clock (you’ll have to purchase a new mechanism) that has picture frames instead of numbers hung free form on the wall

6)  Use the shell of the old clock to make a place for tickets or other sentimental storage and display

And that is exactly what I did with this small little alarm clock.  I purchased it new from Hobby Lobby and it promptly broke immediately.  So I dismantled it.

Broken Clock Before

Broken Clock Before

Dismantled Clock

Dismantled Clock

Here is the old face that I’m going to use for a Christmas ornament-

Old Face to Become a Christmas Ornament

Old Face to Become a Christmas Ornament

And here is the final product.  I added a little sticker to the front that I happened to have in my craft supply.

Now, this could have easily been a picture frame but I thought the back was too pretty to cover up.  So now it is a ticket holder, memory box!  All from a broken alarm clock.

Some other ideas for this capsule could be to store little girl hairbands or even something as simple as earrings!

Memory Box Clock

Memory Box Clock

Tell me, what ideas do you have for broken clocks?

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