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Some Ideas

I have been thinking about some ways to make life more fun, even when we are homeschooling, working from home and generally stuck in the house.

Here's 10 Things to Do to Make Life More Fun

10) Tonight we had frozen pizza for supper. I've been cooking up a storm, three meals a day and it's nice to have a night "off." I thought I'd make it more fun by cooking three different frozen pizza brands and having everyone choose their favorite. A frozen pizza cook off, if you will. For me, nothing tops Piccadilly's. Maybe that's just my Iowa coming out. Do this for anything you're cooking tonight.

9) Since takeout is not off the menu, we thought about going for a drive to get some special ice cream treats. Makes us feel more normal to be in the car going somewhere and who doesn't want ice cream?

8) For homeschooling, we will do field trips every few days because I'm funding it. :) We took a field trip for music class this week to see Phantom of the Opera (on my big screen at home).

7) Some fun things I remember from my childhood for my kids were setting up all kinds of toys, like Lincoln Logs, Barbie Houses, boxes decorated like stores, very much Buzz and Woody-esk type, to build a huge town to play in all kinds of toys in.

6) Don't over estimate the power of tea parties and puppet shows. These can be a ton of fun and can even be part of homeschooling- have the puppets explain a story they've read.

5) Speaking of putting on shows, have the kids do some theater. Serious family memories can be made here.

4) Need some friend time, my bestie had an idea to Facetime and have a cocktail and chat. No, it won't be the same as meeting with her, but I'm sure it'll do something for my sanity!

3) What about a date night? My idea, have the kids make you supper (worry about the mess later) and serve you like you're at a fancy restaurant, candlelight and everything. Maybe put on some music after and dance.

2) If you have to resort to videos for the littles, be sure to check out the children's book section on youtube. You can read The Snowy Day (my favorite) or If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, etc. Any audio books will do as well. As a kid I loved my record player and the books that were read aloud. We lived in a remote area people. Not too many kids to play with!

1) This weekend, I proposed to my daughter who lives for this stuff to have a girls/boys sleep over night, with just us parents. So my sons and their dad separately and my daughter and I separately would sleep together in the same spot and do silly sleepover things like watch movies and braid hair. The Mr. says they'll get all hopped up on Mountain Dew and be gamers. :) She is really excited about this and when she can't have friends over, I guess mom will have to do.

I have more ideas, so let me know if you need them. Like planning your family vacation when we all bust outta the house. :)

Just remember, we're going to make it through this. And when you're feeling really crazy, go talk a walk or a drive by yourself. Get some perspective. Nature doesn't care that there's a crazy virus going around. And hopefully sooner than later, we won't either.


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