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BSS- Awakening

I have the world’s WORST allergies.  When I was in high school, they did my first allergy test.  I reacted to about 99% of what they tested.  I’ve struggled to breath for years, did various rounds of shots, had my tonsils removed and underwent two sinus surgeries.  I’ve come a long way since my first sniffles.  But it has wreaked havoc on my eyes.  The pressure that they are constantly under and the itchiness that the fall allergy season produces leaves me with red, puffy eyes and huge black circles.  It isn’t pretty. Not to mention that it seems that the first place the stress of all this swelling and congestion appears is the form of wrinkles in the very place I wish to cover, underneath my eyes! I know there are many women who struggle with this very same problem.  Face it, we have babies who are up in the night, we fight insomnia, we’re emotional. All these things take a toll on our eyes. But I may have found a solution.  I can’t guarantee that this will work for all women who struggle with under eye problems, but it has sure made a difference for me. I’ve tried many, many under eye concealers over the years but I recently purchased a double-whammy at Sephora.  I’m not sure if it is simply the product, or the way the product is applied, but either way, I’m loving it. For the first time in years, in the height of my peak allergy season, I feel awake. Product number one, that produced this miracle, was Josie Maran’s Argan blend concealer.

Argan Blend Concealer from Josie Maran $28

There are two shades in the compact and they are available in three color groups.  This concealer works for all facial imperfections but I love how it feels under the eye.  It is lightweight, thanks to the signature Moroccan oil that Josie puts in many of her cosmetics (and sells separately).  I apply the pink shade first which is what produces the awakening.  It acts like a highlighter.  Then I apply the yellow shade to blend.  It must be set with powder as I find its only downfall is that it tends to crease since it is so hydrating. 

Its best quality is while it feels very lightweight, it covers nicely without having to be thick and emphasizing fine lines.

The second product that produces this miracle coverage is simply the brush with which its applied.  I bought the Sephora brand concealer brush, which is different than the concealer brush I have at home.  Instead of being a flat, narrow fan shaped brush, this brush is round and SO soft.

SEPHORA COLLECTION - Pro Concealer Airbrush #57

Sephora Collection Pro Concealer Airbrush #57

The best part about this brush, its price.  It is on clearance for $11!

Using this brush has really made a difference.  You can be as light or as heavy as you need/want.  Everything looks even and it doesn’t tug and pull like your fingers would.

And so, I can’t tell you if I’ve found the magic formula with these two products but I can tell you that I love the combination.  And for me and my puffy, swollen, red and itchy eyes, looking awake is all that matters.


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