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BSS- Baring It All #2

Now that I have you all jacked up on this awesome foundation…I have to preface it by saying that it won’t be the answer for a girl that needs heavy coverage.  What I like most about this foundation is its color match. I can be a hard person to color match for.  I have a very ruddy complexion by nature and I either find foundation that is too yellow or too pink.  It is either trying to cover the red completely leave me looking pasty or it is trying to match it and look too disproportionate to my neck, etc. The second thing that I like about this makeup is that although it is sheer (which is great for summer), it can be layered, if needed.  It won’t give you the total coverage of a thicker foundation but it still feels and looks like your skin. The foundation I’m talking about it is…

Estee Lauder’s Invisible Fluid

Available from $35

Estee Lauder’s claim is that you will not feel or see this makeup.  And I totally agree.  It is super lightweight and feels so good.  But again, my favorite part is the color match.  It is so close and that makes it disappear all the more.  There are a few drawbacks.  One, it comes in such a small bottle.  If you wear foundation every day like I do, you feel like you are going to go through it in a week.  But that’s not true.  Second, it is so sheer that it comes out pretty runny.  So you want to apply it with a foundation brush or a sponge so you use every last drop.

But for $35, you are getting a really great foundation.  I know that you can pick up a bottle for $13 at Wal-Mart that will last you just as long.  But can you try it on at Wal-Mart and have someone color match you?  No.  And will it feels as great as this one on your skin?  Nope.

I also love the fact that it is so sheer in the summertime.  This winter I might need something more hydrating but when you spend your days out in the sun and want that “barely” there look- this gets my vote for summer!


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