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BSS- Bathroom Beauties

Since tomorrow is BSS and I plan on showing you all my house updates for a month, we’ll focus four Saturdays on where the beauty magic typically takes place, the bathroom.  And it just works out that there are also four bathrooms in our home.  So you’ll get to see a different one each weekend.  Let’s start with an easy one.  This one is one I’m actually not going to paint!  There may be small changes made to this one but they will be subtle and hopefully easy. Bathroom Number One, the kids bathroom-

(Sorry this picture is so poor, I was mainly trying to show the color.  I’ll add more pictures as I can.) I enjoy the white cabinetry and the paint color in this room.  Do you have a kids-only bathroom?  If so, what are your favorite things to incorporate?  I like step stools for little hands to reach the faucets.   I can picture many a hair styling lesson in this bath…  Happy Saturday!


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