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BSS- Campaigning for True Beauty

There’s just not much I don’t like about Dove, the company.  I love that they feature real women in their ads.  I love that they have catch lines like “beauty is not how skinny we can be.”  I love how they are promote building self-esteem for little girls.  And they have some amazing products.  One that I like in particular is their Style+Care Thermal Replenishment Spray.  You can find it at Walgreen’s for about $4.50.

What I like most about it, besides its price, is the fact that you can hear it sizzle when you are flat ironing or curling your hair.  And you know it isn’t your hair frying. I think I first used it after a segment on Rachel Ray and have used it faithfully ever since.  If you want to protect your hair, soften it and also add in just a hint of shine, this product is for you. So there you go, another cheap hair product I love!


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