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BSS- Double Wear

Before we get on with today’s Beauty Shop Saturday’s topic, I wanted to give you a little update on the press on nails.  I would give them a two-day lifespan.  They claim that they’ll last a week, but I think these are more for a special event, one-night occasion.  I tried to baby them and keep my hands out of dishwater, but the glue just isn’t strong enough to make it past two or three showers.  However, they’ll work great for a day or two!  And they came off like a breeze.  No weird nail bed issues below.

Today’s topic is hair ties.  I really love the Emi-Jay ties (and their look-alikes) especially when they come in metallic.  I enjoy wearing something on my wrist that looks a little fancier than a piece of elastic.  At least we’ve come a long way baby since the scrunchy generation.

I think the makers of hair ties are starting to realize that dressing them up a notch is a great idea.  Because let’s face it, they end up on your wrist more often than not.  So why not wearing something pretty?

Goody has answered the call with their line of Double Wear hair ties.  What started with just the metal bars and expanded.  And my wish is that they’d make grown up charm hair ties like they do for the little girls.  If you haven’t seen them, check them out.  They are adorable.

Here’s an example of the cute hair ties I’m really liking-

Double Wear Floating Beaded Elastics by Goody

This isn’t the only brand making cute little hair ties.  You’ll find quite an assortment at

Pretty on your wrist, pretty in your hair!


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