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BSS- Fauxing It

Preface to this post- I did end up buying myself the Goody hairbrush from last week’s BSS.  And…I love it!  It is the perfect balance between soft and hard.  It helps detangle but also is soft enough not to pull and snag.  As far as the shine…I can’t tell a difference.  But on blonde hair, shine is often overrated. Meanwhile, I’ve been doing a little experiment with self-tanner.  I bought two self-tanners (very inexpensive) to see which one did a better job of turning this whitey into a bronze goddess.  (Okay, neither did that.) The two self-tanners I chose were Neutrogena Micro Mist ($8.82)

and Banana Boat’s Sunless Mist ($6.67- Wal-Mart)

Both were very comparable in price,  While the Neutrogena brand went on very smoothly (very fine mist), the Banana Boat was almost like shaving cream.  However, the Banana Boat dried very quickly without that tacky feeling you get.  Both left my legs moisturized and shiny.  So that was an improvement.

After applying both products twice to my legs and waiting a few hours between both applications for it to develop, here are the results.  Neutrogena is on the right (top), Banana Boat on the left(bottom).

If you can tell from the pictures above, the Neutrogena brand was much darker than the Banana Boat brand.  I find this interesting because I LOVE Banana Boat’s Deep Dark color lotion.  It kicks more expensive brand’s um, legs.  So it was kind of disappointing that this time, spending a few extra dollars pays.  Neither brand was dark enough for me.  If I’m going to spend the time to lather on the self-tanner, you better be asking me where I went on vacation!

The verdict, both were so, so.  If you really like the less mess of the spray, I’d recommend the Neutrogena.  But if you really want a deep color, stick to the lotion!


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