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BSS- Fountain of Youth

Hold. The. Phone.  The search may be over.  I think I have discovered the fountain of youth!  Or at least a product that I really, really love this winter!!!! For this Beauty Shop Saturday, let me introduce to you a product that’s been on the market for awhile but is new to me- Bio-Oil.

(Wal-Mart $11) I recently purchased Bio-Oil because I keep reading about it in magazines and thought it might be fun to try on my stretchmarks and scars (yes, I’m willing to admit my body’s been through a lot!).  And while I can’t say that I’ve seen any visible improvement in those (I haven’t been using it that long but maybe it would work better on new scars?), I decided to try it on other places of my body and see what the results were.  So I used a small amount on my face and feet and elbows.  And I have seen DRAMATIC difference in how soft and hydrated my skin is.  My skin feels like a baby’s bottom, no joke! While the verdict is still out on the stretch marks (some are six years old, if it helps those I really think I may be on to a miracle ointment!), I highly recommend this product for dry skin.  It really helps soften and hydrate that dry flakey winter skin, even chapped lips! This product is not like applying baby oil to your body. The oil is very fine and if you use it sparingly, it won’t grease you up.  The only drawback I have found is the application process. It is a true oil, so it runs out kind of fast. But a little goes a LONG way! There are claims that since it contains mineral oil, it clogs pores, it’ll make you break out, the oil will just lay on top of the skin. I’m not sure if these claims have any substance to them. All I can tell you is what I’ve experienced. And so far, it has been wonderful! If you need a break from the winter dryness and want to feel like you have the skin of an infant, I recommend checking this out! Style from the Sticks is not a dermatologist.  Use at your own risk.  🙂


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