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BSS- Holy Eye Mask Batgirl

Audrey in her eye mask in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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As I mentioned in last week’s BSS post, I have puffy, tired, red and irritated eyes.  My allergies, especially in the fall, make them miserable.  And while I have found a few beauty products that help hide my eye issues, I have also found something (besides a great decongestant) that help alleviate the puffiness. 

Instant Depuffing Eye Mask from Sephora $6

Eye masks!  Specifically from Sephora.  I’ve tried eye patches that you put in the refrigerator to cool, eye masks that you freeze and wear overnight.  But these are unique.  For starters, they peel and stick.  No falling off your face.  It is the coolest!  Some sort of rubbery feeling backing is so soothing and molds exactly to your face.  No frozen pockets that sit way too far on top of the eye. Secondly, it has a combination of ingredients that depuff, hydrate and fake the look of a good night’s sleep. Thirdly, it is $6.  While probably not something I’m going to do every day (although I’d love to!) but at least it is an affordable option.  Skip the latte, detox the eyes. And lastly, it is conveniently wrapped.  Take it with you anywhere!  You too can be a batgirl in your mask at night!


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