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BSS- I Did It

I cut my bangs..short!  As one who is never fearful of hairstyles (go out and live!  try something new!- it’s just hair, it’ll grow back!), I am sporting my baby bangs.  I can’t say that I love them, but is there anyone who LOVES her hair.  Unless your Giselle? 

For those of you who have had the same hairstyle since you were eighteen, it might be time to think of something new.  If you don’t want to do something drastic, just try a small step- a few inches, bangs verses no bangs, a shade lighter or darker.  Life is too short to be “stuck.”  Your hair is one adventure you can absolutely have. Because, remember, in about three weeks, my bangs will be all grown out and it’ll be time to dream up something new!


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