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BSS- January is Getting Good

I can’t believe I’m writing this post again already!  This week has just flown by!

There was so much good information in the pages this week from Lloyd.  I’ll try to share it in condensed version.

The first little tidbit was something that I’ve blogged about before but it always helps to remind even little old me.  ADD PRINT AND PATTERNS into your wardrobe.  I swear there is a conspiracy in the retail business that solids in black (especially) will sell.  Don’t fall for this trap!  There is a world of color and pattern out there to be had that will create endless opportunities for your clothing!  A key point to remember, pick the size of pattern that fits your body size.  Petites, in general, shouldn’t wear large prints and small prints can get lost on a taller girl.

Another fabulous section in this week’s topics, shoes.  What girl doesn’t love 10, 40, 100 pairs?  🙂  Here’s a list of Lloyd’s must-haves heels:

1) nude-colored high heels

2) black close-toe work pumps in solid leather

3) work sling-back

4) black evening pumps in satin, embellished leather, patent leather, or a fun skin

5) 1-1 1/2-inch kitten heel with a slightly pointed toe

6) high-heeled sandal

7) real or faux skin heels, simply the best you can afford

8) barely there strappy heel

9) metallic high heel

10) ankle strap pumps

11) peep-toe pumps

I’m not sure I own all of these.   It’s a good list though!  Something that covers every situation.

Lastly Lloyd said we should identify our “life palettes.”  Look in your closet (hopefully it is organized by color) and check out the colors that you see most.  Those are the colors that you gravitate towards.  Even if they are only neutrals.  So when shopping, pick these colors or complementary colors.

Some good stuff this week!  And, for tomorrow, don’t think that this girl won’t forget about Golden Globe fashions!


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