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BSS- My Little Pony

Whew.  I made it through the first week of school.  And I must say, each day of the week that school goes on, it is harder and harder for me to make an effort to look nice at 8 a.m.  Hair is a big problem in the morning for me and thus it almost always ends up in a ponytail.  I was on Pinterest the other day and saw this idea-

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I can’t tell for sure, but this looks like Jennifer Aniston from behind.  Who knows, it could be anybody.  The idea here is that she is actually sporting two ponytails, one on top of the other and wound to look like one.  Supposedly it gives volume and lift to the pony.  Now if I only had twice that hair.  I know Jennifer has really thick hair, but I bet you anything she has extensions in.  So I gave this a try and I wasn’t convinced.  I think the key is…get extensions if you want a really full, long and perky ponytail. So mine will just be my little pony for now.


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