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BSS- Post Workout Hair

The agenda today.  What to do with your hair after a workout?

I try to wash my hair every other day.  Sometimes I can make it three days but it isn’t pretty.  This cycle is considerably thrown off when you add in a couple of hard workouts.  Between the sweat and the dirt, it makes for some pretty bad hair days.

The solution?  Well, according to Fitness Magazine, spraying your hair with hair gel and blow drying the sweat out.  Has anyone tried this?  I gotta say, the thought of putting gel into my sweaty hair isn’t appealing.  I think I found something better.

It’s a special formula of dry shampoo.  You know I love Sauve’s version but mainly that’s due to the price, availability and because with my blonde hair, the white powder doesn’t show so badly. Read more on that here.  This dry shampoo doesn’t leave any of that whiteness and feels more like a very fine gel in the hair.

This is it-

Pantene Dry Shampoo Root Reboost

To use, simply apply to your sweaty hair after it is somewhat dried.  (I mean, nothing is going to take out drips.)  And brush through!  I think this stuff works wonderfully and makes the thought of gel seem stiff and a little 80s.

Does it save your hair after a sweaty workout?  It gets my vote.


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