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BSS-Rebekah’s Beauty

It’s time to get back into Beauty Shop Saturdays.  Especially since my house hiatus.  I find myself tonight thinking about my beauty inspirations.  Mainly I admire women who are truly beautiful and their beauty does not turn them into a monster. I read this somewhere the other day, it is from the story of Rebekah serving Nahor at the well.  Rebekah was a beautiful woman.

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“Though Rebekah was beautiful, she had not used her beauty for sin but had remained sexually pure.  Her humility, graciousness and generosity surpassed her beauty.” Isn’t that lovely.  And isn’t that true.  How many of us know very beautiful people who have no humility?  So when we meet someone like Rebekah it is a breath of fresh air.  And teaches us all that those qualities can “surpass” beauty. Although there are many people I know personally who are modern day Rebekah’s, it is hard to think of any famous people who fit the bill.  One, because I don’t know them personally, and two, because so many of them aren’t. So I guess my beauty inspirations are those every day Rebekah’s.  The ones with flawless faces and beautiful smiles.  But the ones who let their humility, graciousness and generosity be the envy of all who met them.


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