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BSS- Sometimes You Just Need a Good Brush

Welcome back to Beauty Shop Saturday!  I feel like it’s been ages. Today’s topic, hairbrushes.  I’ve been on the hunt for a good one and a cheap one.  I probably have ten hair brushes in my drawer and none of them do I love.  I’m always on the lookout for a great one. With my fine hair, it gets pretty tangled easily.  And unfortunately I have a sensitive head.  I don’t really like the brushes with the plastic, widely spaced bristles.  They poke my scalp and leave me feeling that my hair is damaged after use.  I enjoy using brushes with soft, thick bristles.  They aren’t so hard on my head and are gentler on knots. The problem is 1)  natural bristles are fabulous but are expensive and 2) they don’t get through the hair very well.  You have to brush in layers to get them to hit every strand. Well, I opened my Instyle last month with the special issue all about hair and there in the Steals and Deals section was a hairbrush that I wanted to try. Now Instyle referred to this brush as Goody’s Smooth Blends Ceramic Cushion brush.  I cannot for the life of me find such a brush.  I think they made a typo.  But in my search, I stumbled upon this little gem-

Goody So Smooth Ceramic Infused Styler Brush at Wal-Mart $8.34

I’m so excited to try it.  It has natural bristles, it is ceramic, it costs less than $10 and I’m hoping it doesn’t snag my hair.  I’m hoping it is everything I think it is and more.

You know what I’ll be purchasing on my next Wal-Mart run!  And I’ll fill you in on if I love it or not!

What is your favorite hairbrush?


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