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BSS-Sunless Wonder

In honor of all the springbreakness (I love making up my own words!) going on here and around the country, I thought my BSS (Beauty Shop Saturday) post should be my favorite sunless tanning lotion.  Oh how I wish I was off to somewhere warm, but alas, I am stuck here in Iowa.  Although the weather is going to be off the charts (yea!), I still feel pasty and in need of some vitamin D. I have two favorites for sunless tanning lotion.  While I haven’t found one that is odorless (at least not one that is under $20 a bottle!) and I do loath the way they smell, I have found two that pack a punch. First off, Banana Boat’s Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion in deep dark color. 

Banana Boat Summer Color Self-Tanning Lotion at Walmart $6 What I like best about this product is mainly its price.  It’s hard to beat.  Secondly, it works.  While I don’t recommend this for those of you who have never delved into the sunless lotion world, for those of you who want instant color, this bottle’s for you.  It is thick and you don’t have to apply many coats to get a tanned look.  Just be careful, as with all sunless tanners,  how well it is applied to avoid streaks.  I like to put it on just after bathing so your skin can really absorb the lotion and you can let it dry before dressing. My other favorite sunless tanning lotion is L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer. 

L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer at Target $10 This one is for after you’ve gotten a really good base going as it isn’t as thick and potent as Banana Boat’s.  However, this one has shimmer in the lotion which also helps mask those imperfections someone like me wants when say, exposing a lot of skin.  So when you’re in a bathing suit or a pair of shorts, it also helps deflect the eye from said problem areas. Neither of these is life shattering, but both can lift your mood from ghostly, white winter to I-just-had-a-fabulous-trip-to-the-beach.  And that is worth it.


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