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BSS- Taming the Brow

It has been a long time since our last Beauty Shop Saturday!  With all of the Style Me July business, it got lost in the shuffle.  Time to bring it back! I have a confession…  I haven’t had my eyebrows done in MONTHS.  Completely unruly.  This summer I’ve just about gone natural with my hair color as it tends to fade so badly even when I color it, I’ve just let it bleach on its own.  And therefore I haven’t made it to the hairdresser regularly where I have my brows done.  I had a relative who used to be a hairdresser cut my hair on Memorial Day weekend and that was it.  It needs a cut BADLY. Meanwhile I have icky brows.  You know there just gets to be a certain point where you can only pluck so much without having to get back to the waxing.  At least this goes for me.  I have an insane amount of fine hair that I’d love to be rid of. In the grand scheme of things, eyebrows are not important.  Having shapely brows will not make me a better person.  I just wish to pass along a little knowledge I have accumulated over the years. Getting them waxed or plucking the right shape is important in your overall “look.”  Take a look at these two different pictures of Gwen Stefani-

Image courtesy of

See the difference a strong brow makes? It creates balance on the face and it makes you appear younger (unless you overpluck). I know this and yet I let an entire summer go by without taming my own brows! Yikes! There is a product behind all of this browducation.  Next time you are close to a Sephora, swing by and pick yourself up some of this-

Anastasia Brow Powder Duo $22

It is my absolute favorite brow product. (Check out her site by clicking the product image above to get lots of great brow info.) I like the powder because it isn’t too overpowering in natural light, and for us blondes, that is important!  Plus she actually carries an ASH color which is also very important to those of us blondes who do not have a golden undertone.  I have yet to find a good department store brand that understands that there aren’t just three shades of eyebrows!  Eek.  I know you’ve all seen those ladies who paint on their yellow eyebrows! With this product you simply fill in with small hairlike dashes with a brow brush and set.  (I like to use the Brow Fix which is a wax.  I think it holds better than gel and again, looks more natural.) So tell all those women out there (like me this summer!) who spend ridiculous amounts of money on their hair and then completely overlook the one thing they should focus on when starting their makeup routine… that they forgot something at the salon!


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