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BSS- The Hair College

Earlier this week I took the time to go get my hair done.  This is a major deal in this mom’s life.  Mainly because of the time it takes.  I don’t typically have half a day to waste in the salon chair.

I have to admit that I’m a serial salon visiter.  I don’t really have one salon that I’m loyal to.  I’m one of those hair clients that doesn’t fuss too much about the results of my day at the salon.  You can’t really screw this hair up.  Unless it turns out purple or falls out, we’re good.

So many of the time I like to stop in at the hair college.  If people like me don’t go there, how will those budding hair stylists learn how to do hair?  You cannot beat the price.  And I appreciate that you have someone who has to “check” someone else’s work.  What other stylist gets critiqued?  By a professional?

My visit to the salon involves highlights, lowlights (usually just half a head), a cut and occasionally an eyebrow wax.  I have to admit, on this trip in, I was in the salon chair from 1:00 to after 5:00.  I think my butt fell asleep at one point.  THAT’S A LONG TIME.  One would think I was prepping for the Oscar’s.

I think it took so long because my stylist was very cautious.  Perhaps she had just been through classes and I was one of her first experiments?  I tried to reassure her that I am not too picky.  But at least she wasn’t whacking away at my hair and it turned into a nightmare like it has before at some of those low-cost hair chains.  Whoa.

I can’t complain now.  My hair is done and I won’t have to do it for another three months. And at $65, it was worth it.


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