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BSS- The Perfect Bun

So as promised, I’ve going to review a few beauty products that maybe you’ve considered purchasing but wonder…does that really work? First up, Goody’s Simple Styles Mini Spin Pin. The claim is that you can create the perfect bun with using only these two cork screw bobby pins. Sidenote, does anyone else detest the ABC Family show Bunheads name?  The instructions are to simply twist your hair into the bun shape, wind one corkscrew up and the other down making sure they don’t touch, and by magic it holds. I would agree that this product is easy to use and holds the hair well. But my hair is wasn’t thick enough or long enough to hide the corkscrews. And that wasn’t a very good look…

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In the process of my research, I stumbled upon this video on youtube about how to correctly use a bobby pin. Check it out. I think I may have learned something here… (Sorry, today is not my day for technical issues.  Here is the link.  I cannot embed it for some reason!)

Save yourself the money and use cheap old bobby pins correctly to create the perfect bun!


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