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BSS- The Return

It’s been waaaaaaaay too long since my last Beauty Shop Saturday.  I have some fun things lined up for us, so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, my skin has been going BONKERS.  So not fun to deal with breakouts but we’ll talk more about that later.

I’ve been using Mary Kay’s TimeWise at night and it takes awhile for my sensitive skin to adjust to any changes.  I know that seeing some wrinkle relief won’t be fast.  So I’ve been trying to be consistent and not pull the plug too early.  But my poor skin is just flipping out.

TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex® from Mary Kay $40

So I guess for now I’ll have to deal with both breakouts and wrinkles.  Oh the joys.

And I’ll let you know what I think of TimeWise after I’ve given it a good test run.

Until next week!


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