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BSS- The Windows to the Soul

I love eyeshadows. I have virtually no lips, thus I tend to play up my eyes a lot. So eyeshadow can be my best friend when I’m getting ready. But I find it interesting how tricky choosing a color can be. There are still plenty of people out there running around in severe eyeshadow that reminds me of Avon circa 1968. Eek. The blue eyeshadow!! Make it stop!!

(Image courtesy of But blue eyeshadow can be beautiful. The trick is not to be wearing it if you are already blue-eyed. Eyeshadow looks best when you play against the color of your eyes. “Using the same shade as your eye color will only make you look like you’re wearing too much eye shadow,” makeup artist, Carmindy. So remember, opposites attract. E.i. green eyed gals, go for purples and pinks. If you are blue eyed lady, reach for the golds and browns, etc. Some of the big cosmetic companies are producing products specifically for your eye colors. These are great and I gravitate towards this dummy proofing of colors. (Almay does a really nice job with this.) Below is a list of some eye shadow colors based on eye color. Blue eyes- all shades of brown (from taupe to chocolate), warm pinks stay clear of bright blues Brown eyes- greens, corals, warm metallics, browns, blues Green eyes- purples and cool pinks Hazel eyes- Since you are a blend of two, you get twice the color options! purples and pinks, warm browns and warm metallics stay away from blue Lastly, don’t forget your skintone. It can make a difference when choosing a color.

Let’s end the matchy-matchy eyeshadow and embrace opposites!


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