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BSS- Very Braidy

I’ve been bustin’ out the braids mostly thanks to Hollywood and Pinterest.  It’s been fun learning some new techniques and trying out some new hairstyles.  I’m pretty happy that braids have made such a comeback.  For one, I love that it really makes you look like you did something wonderful with your hair and two, it is summer and I could sport a ponytail every day.  A braid is a fun and easy way of giving the pony a break! Here is one I thought I’d blog about not because of how much I liked it (although the model’s hair is great) but what a failure it was for me! 

Image courtesy of via Pinterest

First of all,  I don’t think my hair is long enough to create the coils that this look achieves.  Secondly. my braids were skinny sad little things and probably all three of mine could have looked like picture number eight.  (Ahem.)

It could have been I was trying to recreate this look while three kids were running amuck around me and I was late for an appointment.  But I’m going to choose rather to blame it on the unreliability that a nonprofessional like myself can do all of these fun Pinterest creations.  Yup, sticking with that.


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