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City Slick

If you’re headed to a dude ranch for vaca, you could be feeling like a little like Billy Crystal in this movie. 

(Image courtesy of I know I’m dating myself with this film, but, it is a total classic.  There was a time when Billy Crystal’s humor (think When Harry Met Sally) was undeniably hilarious.  And I haven’t seen this show in years, making the jokes all the more funny after an almost ten year hiatus… Whatever you do at your ranch, you’ll want to wear a pair of really trusty jeans-

Levi’s Modern Supreme Curve Skinny Bootcut Jeans $78 If you want to go cowboying, I’d stick with some classic jeans, like Levi’s.  This time, leave the high end jeans at home. And although it’s been said lately that head to toe denim isn’t necessarily a fashion no-no, I disagree. I have yet to think anyone looks that wonderful in a denim suit.  Forgo Billy Crystal’s look (including the baseball cap) below with this top instead-

Free People Western Printed Buttondown Shirt $88 This top is so adorable.  It is a little bit prairie meets cowgirl.  And I love the color.

(Image courtesy of  Every cowgirl needs a great pair of cowboy boots.  Here’s what I’d wear-

Volatile Ryder Knee-High Boot from Endless approximately $117 Aren’t those gorgeous?  Makes me want to take a trail ride! To complete your cowgirl vacation, this city slicker would pack these items too:  a blanket coat, a knee-length prairie skirt and a crocheted sweater. Even the real City Slickers worried about what they wore- Mitch Robbins: I wish you hadn’t worn this jacket. Ed Furillo: What’s wrong with it? Mitch Robbins: Well, look at it – it’s got your name and your picture on it. It’s a little grotesque. Ed Furillo: I’m proud of what I do. Phil Berquist: So is the President – he doesn’t wear his picture on his suit. Ben Jessup: Hi. Mitch Robbins: [shaking his hand] Hi, Mitch Robbins. Ed Furillo: I’m Ed Furillo – I sell sporting goods. Mitch Robbins: Show him your jacket. Phil Berquist: I’m Phil Berquist. I committed adultery; lost my job and my family. Mitch Robbins: His jacket’s being made. (


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