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Color Inspiration

I am not afraid of color.  Maybe that should be written in color.  I am not afraid of color.

You too can say this.  Yes black can be slimming.  Yes many artists wear black.  But black can also be a prison.  Are you a red head?  Chances are black is not your most flattering color.  Or if you’re fair, black can wash you out.

If you’ve read this blog long enough, you’ll know my affinity for white.  It isn’t that I never wear black, but it is probably the color I wear the least.

For a long time, I thought black clothing was saturating the market.  But now I’m starting to see the color creep in.  Why?  Because if you have bright blue eyes and you wear bright blue, your eyes are gonna sparkle like crazy.  Color can be flattering.

It can also be an amazing mood boost.  Case in point, this week’s dreary rainy days.  If I lived in Seattle, I’d be packing my closet with color.  Imagine the difference of putting on a bright yellow dress versus a black one.  I think you’re going to feel different.  I think you’re going to walk into a room differently.

Do I have you convinced?  Maybe you’re ready to break into something colorful but not sure how to do it.  This week, I’m showing you how to wear color.

Here are three examples of colorful outfits.

Outfit one has the most color.  This is when you’re feeling very adventurous.  But it is not difficult!  Take a bright skirt with a pattern and pull a color from the skirt and wear it on top.  Sure this skirt would look great with a white or black top, but a colored top creates something more!

Outfit number two is a basic- easy printed top with jeans.  Take a look through what you’ve worn lately.  Was it all jeans paired with solid tops?  Throw a colorful pattern into the mix!

The last outfit is your basic jeans and top look.  This look is so easy but it won’t come across that way.  Match the brightness of the blue top with white jeans.  They’ll make that color pop instead of dull it down with blue jeans.

These are baby steps into color.  I’ll show you more ways to wear color tomorrow and help brighten your week!

Billie Blossom white shirt

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Blue skirt

Victoria s Secret black flat

Boat shoes

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Daisy Jewellery vintage earrings $44 –

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