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Day Nineteen- Go Big Red

The Mr. is a BIG Husker fan.  I think he knows just about every stat about every player or game from the past three decades.  He gets really into games.  Like sweating and nervous that they may actually call him at home to get off his couch and ask him to play.  Sometimes it isn’t pretty. And over the years I’ve come to have an appreciation for the team.  You can’t help but get excited over something that is so worshipped as Husker football. So every Saturday in the fall we are glued to the screen, sometimes screaming and yelling.  Sometimes disgusted and want to shut the TV off.  But that’s the game. Here’s me in my Husker gear-

Turtleneck- Decree

Jeans*- Old Navy

Sweatshirt- Jansport

Tennies- Sketchers


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