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Destination Inspiration- The Lake

Part of my life I spent living close to a lake.  And after many years of being away from the lake, one visit to the water reminds me of so much.

A lake provides such an added level of richness to a kid’s life.  It is an education of water safety and primal learning.  Days spent exploring on the beach, stick in hand, sitting around beach campfires, collecting shells and telling stories…that’s a great day for a kid.  That’s not taking into account all of the swimming and canoeing and if you’re one of the lucky ones, time on jet skis, pontoons and speed boats, skiing and tubing until you are burnt to a crisp.

Style for the lake doesn’t have to be fussy.  Pack a pair of flip flops and throw your hair into a ponytail.  Most likely it won’t look this beautiful but no one will care.  90% of the time, it’ll be a wet mess anyway.

The smells of the sun and the water, the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, these are things that will live in your child’s memories forever.

Old Navy red strap shoes



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