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Easter Week- Good Friday

I realize Easter is fast approaching and many of you have family coming or are off to visit family.  What to wear?  Don’t sweat it, I’ll throw out some ideas.

Here’s a look for Good Friday.  My church has Good Friday service but even if yours doesn’t, remember the day of the church year that is designated for remembering Jesus’ death.  It’s a somber day, so typically I break out some black.  And that’s reason enough for some depression.  Reason no.2 is knowing that my sin is what put Jesus on the cross to die.

Take a few moments on Good Friday to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for you.

Lace top

Miss Selfridge black jeans

Lace up boots $42 –

River Island satchel handbag $67 –

Lipsy bow ring $20 –


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