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Falling in Love with Fall

Enough is enough, I can’t wait one more day!  It’s time to talk about fall!  I know you are all anxious to go out and buy yourself something.  Now that the kids have their new shoes and pencils, doesn’t mom deserve to update with a few things as well?  Absolutely.

This week will be my series on what you must have for fall.  Some trends you might find on other fashion resources but mainly they are what I’m craving!

First up, patterned pants.  Yup, this was on the list last year and I know many of you are still holding out.  You’re thinking, how am I going to look at pictures of me in these in twenty years?  Let me tell you, you’ll be crying over your hairstyle and your shoes and how you thought you were heavy then but were really young and thin.  So don’t worry about your patterned pants!  Embrace them.  Wear them.  Like a bad boyfriend in high school, we may all be sorry but for now, they are so much fun!

The fail-safe way to wear these is to pair them with a neutral solid.  Pick a color from the print and it can’t get easier.  But if you really want to step it up a notch, pair the print with another print.  And that is what makes this pants look so current for fall.

Here is a combo I created with fresco printed pants and a striped button down.  Keep them in the same color family.  And remember that one pattern should be smaller than the other to complement each other.

Turn on the visual interest in your wardrobe!  Try out the patterned pant!

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