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Falling in Love with Fall #2

Second item up on the list of fall style…wait for it!  Sweaters!  How is this new, you ask? Well, unlike the popular cardigans of late, these sweaters are your old school pullovers.  Like something you’d you purchased from United Colors of Benetton to pair with jeans to go to your middle school dance in 1990.  These sweaters don’t necessarily need to be boxy but they aren’t long.

The way to wear this fashionably this fall is to pair it with a skirt.  If you want to show off your backside, leave the jeans for junior high and pair it with a pencil skirt.  Not feeling great about the derriere today, how about a skater skirt?

Either way, it’ll be a fresh take on an old favorite.

H M cable knit jumper $23 –


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