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Gel Nail Follow Up

Sally Hansen Gel Nails you got some ‘splaining to do.  😉

Here’s a picture of my nails….not even 14 days later.

A Week's Aftermath

A Week’s Aftermath

And here’s the before again-

Gel Polish

Gel Polish

So the company CLAIMS that it would last up to 14 days.  But in those 14 days I did all kinds of harsh-real life things such as spray paint, dishes and cleaning.  Oh silly me.  I did not feel that the nail color withstood like a true gel nail would.  BUT…I am going to give it one more try during a week that I will not be so abusive to my nails.  And possibly try a light source…

One perk- it really did remove easily.  And my nails didn’t look all shriveled and thin like when you remove the real gel polish.  That was nice!

Now to find a week where I won’t be so hard on my nails…. Hm, maybe when I give birth? Not sure when this magic week will happen as I feel like lately I’m stuck in an episode of Rehab Addict.  Until then, I wouldn’t rush out and purchase said nail color.  If you really want the real thing, spend a few more dollars and get it!


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