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Here Comes the Bride- Part 2

For a little inspiration here’s a picture of me and the Mr. on our big day, which of course, seems like yesterday.  But it wasn’t.  If I can dredge up a better picture of my dress, I’ll post it!

Finding the wedding gown of your dreams isn’t always easy. And I hope these next few posts will give you inspiration.  I love a good theme for a wedding.  It makes planning so much easier.  And for me, knowing what kind of wedding you want helps you find the gown. So these next posts will each have their own theme.  And the costs of the gowns will vary.  I can’t tell you what to spend on a wedding gown.  Hopefully it won’t cost more than a new car! Our wedding had an antique/fairy tale/glitzy theme.  My little old gown was pretty simple really.  I bought it myself and it cost me $600 if I bought it the very first day I tried it on. I wanted a long train because when else in your life can you wear a long one!?  And I didn’t really want a full skirt so mine was more A-line.  It had a ribbon bottom and top with silver embroidery and beading and a corset back. What I loved most about my gown was how it felt.  It was so soft. I wore a necklace, small stud earrings and a tiara with a “borrowed” veil behind it.  My something old was a handkerchief from my grandmother that I wrapped around my bouquet.  My something blue was my garter.  And I had on lots of something new! I felt my gown fit the venue, the theme of our wedding and my budget.  All three very important things.  And there is a gown out there for everyone that fits those categories! The best part about our wedding was that it was a day that started our marriage.  And that really is the goal, isn’t it?

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Here Comes the Bride

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